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Mar 6, 2011 8:30am PST
: do you think it is in the united states of america's national interest that qaddafi has to go? we know it's in the interest of the libyan people, but is it in our national interest? >> yes, it is, because if qaddafi stays there is no question that he will be mischief in the days ahead, as he has been in the past. furthermore, i think what is happening all across the middle east is in our strategic national interest. if we have emerging democracies, people who come out who say to al qaeda, "look, we didn't have one suicide bomber, we didn't have one violent, you know, sort of explosive act against the west or somebody to make a dramatic statement. we took matters into our own hands with respect to our own government and we have produced change." that just, you know, that's not an iranian moment. it's not an al qaeda moment. it's the people of libya attaching themselves to the very values and principles that we have espoused for so many years in that region. i think if these countries do reform, and they do give greater voice to their people and there is greater opportunity, economi
Mar 27, 2011 8:30am PDT
. but i double checked-- we didn't miss a thing. back in a minute. we're america's natural gas. and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >> woman: good night, gluttony-- a farewell long awaited. good night, stuffy. >> ( yawning ) >> good night, outdated. >> ( click ) >> good night, old luxury and all of your wares. good night, bygones everywhere. >> ( engine revs ) >> good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning, unequaled inspiration. >> ( heartbeats ) [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to anoth
Mar 13, 2011 8:30am PDT
. we've got 104 nuclear power plants in america now. i was informed this morning that about 23 of them are built according to designs that are similar to the nuclear power plants in japan that are now the focus of our concern. >> schieffer: are we prepared for an earthquake like this? i mean, obviously, this is not something that is going to happen once a week. but what about our buildings in this country? is it time to think about reassessing specifications for that? >> it is. the japanese, as we've learned in the last few days, because of the terrible earthquake back about 15 years ago, have retrofitted old buildings. new buildings have high standards for withstanding earthquakes. in the west coast-- california, of course-- we always think of the area of our country most likely to be hit by earthquakes. new buildings have been equipped with earthquake resistant systems. a lot of the old buildings have not been retrofitted. it's time i think for states to look at their building codes and see whether they want to take preventive action. the other thing-- i spoke this morning with craig
Mar 20, 2011 8:30am PDT
for america's nuclear power plants. nunn has been called a renaissance man, but to me, he was also a retro senator, a politician from another era when the senate was a place of giants, and the greatest of them found ways to rise above partisanship and work with those in the other party to actually accomplish things. today's politicians savor their partisan victories, but here is just one result of nunn's approach. because of the nun-lugar program to dismantle russian nuclear missiles, today, one out of ten light bulbs in this country is powered by reprocessed nuclear fuel that once set atop enemy missiles aimed at us. now, that is a legacy. i'll never forget nunn's parting words when he left washington. "i never accomplished anything," he said, "without the help of someone from the other party." ah, those were the days. back in a minute. it's not what you think. look. there was a time when a company like that would envy us. little outfit. it's almost quaint. all these years we had something they could never have. something only the biggest operations could ever afford. it was our strategic
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)